There is a new Elementary Progress Report Card which will be going home on November 12, 2010 for students in Grades 1 – 8. The purpose of this report card is to:


  • Encourage early and ongoing communication between you and your child’s teacher;
  • Tell you how well your child is developing the learning skills and work habits that we know are essential for success;
  • Continue to report on all academic subjects but instead of assigning a grade or mark, it will tell you how well your child is progressing using “very well”, “well” or “with difficultly”;
  • Establish a positive relationship between teachers, parents, and students;
  • Involve parents as partners in a conversation about learning and assessment, and what they can do to support their child’s learning;
  • Identify concerns about student progress early in the school year and make suggestions about how you can support this learning.

The progress report reflects observations about your child’s learning to date. It is our hope that this report will help you have meaningful discussion with your child’s teacher.

The Board is providing a window of opportunity from November 8 to December 3 for teachers to meet with parents to discuss the Elementary Progress Report Card. Your child’s teacher(s) will be contacting you to arrange an interview time. Teachers may be available before school, after school or during the school day for an interview.
As in the past, a parent-teacher night for interviews will be scheduled on November 18th from 3:30pm to 7:00pm. If you would like to schedule an interview during this time, please contact the school office to make arrangements.