Race Day: (parents of younger racers please go over the following with your child before the race – it is a lot to take in!)

  1. Racers will come in to the school when the bell rings and check in with their homeroom teacher. They should then proceed to the back hall wearing their indoor shoes and carrying their bag for the day. From there, they will change into their ski boots and load the bus.
  2. Any racers who have personal equipment to transport to the race will load it themselves into the designated vehicle (please label with names!)
  3. On the bus, we will write their ski size on their hand – after they have received their bibs, they will then proceed to the equipment area for RPS and take the correct sized skis. All RPS equipment will be stored on one designated rack for the day when not in use.
  4. Food – Arowhead will have large pizza slices for $2. Hot chocolate will be free. Be sure to pack healthy on the go food for racers.
  5. Washrooms – Facilities are very limited. Students should go to the washroom before they leave Riverside.
  6. Water – There is no drinkable water at the park. Kids must bring a water bottle, or other drinks.
  7. Riverside will have an area with a tarp for our students to put their bags on (do not bring valuables – there is no safe location to leave them).
  8. Bibs -Racers will receive their bibs as they get off the bus. Bibs must be visible when racing! (not underneath coats or folded over.)There will be a charge of $50 per lost bib. Bibs are taken off racers at finish line.
  9. The race is an interval start race. Students will line up in order according to the numbers on their bibs and in pairs. Every 20 seconds, two students will be started. Students need to be at the start line at least 10 minutes before their start time.
  10. There are 4 race courses. Students must follow the coloured arrows and trail markers that match their bib colour. There will be marshals on the trail at all junctions, but it is the racer’s responsibility to follow the right course.
    green bibs – grades 1/2 – numbers 200-299
    yellow bibs – grades 3/4 – numbers 300-399
    blue bibs – grades 5/6 – numbers 400-550
    red bibs – grades 7/8 – numbers 100-199
  11. Trail etiquette: If someone comes up behind them and wants to pass, the person passing should pass on the left and the person being passed should move to the right. Racers may not ski side by side with another student blocking the trail.
  12. When racers pass a marshal on the trail, they will be asked their bib number. Racers should be prepared to call out their bib numbers.
  13. This is a freestyle race. Both classic and skate techniques are allowed. Skaters should skate on the untracked part of the trail on the left. They should not skate over the tracks.
  14. Any student not coming home on the bus must sign out with the teacher whom they traveled to the race with.