At this time of year, Riverside Public School would like to thank the following people and businesses for their generous donations of time and funding that have enhanced our playground (2009 – 2010). 


This year the school has:

  • Installed a “Silly Snake” teeter-totter for the Primary students to play on
  • Built an Outdoor Classroom/Sun Shelter on the Primary playground

Thank you to:

The Riverside Parent Council for their vision and hard work

Gunnar Christensen and the students from Huntsville High School

Scott Alexander, Justin Allen, Justin Bechtel, Devin Bilz, Anthony Brooks, Jamie Bush, Alexander Dempsey, Cody Fisher, Brendan Fitter, Dylan Jost, Randal McIntyre, Shannon McKoy, Aaron Turner, Ethan Ward, Mitchell White

Gerry Forestell, Willis Bullen, Chee Chan, Brad Polischuk, Dave Smrtka, Melissa Polischuk, Terry Gaughan, Marion Baechler, Kevin Craig, Lisa McIlmoyle, Steve Craig, Dean Hall, Bryce Drinkwater, Curtis Hall, Chris Stilwell, Aaron Hall, Ellen Stilwell, Pam Carnochan, David Stilwell, Eli Honderich, Martin Christensen, Sandy Ebbs, Inga Craig, Richard de Gans, Barry Grubb, TLDSB Maintenance Team

And to the following businesses and contact people:

Kent Trusses, Eldon MacIntosh, Greystone Project Management Inc., Pat Dube, Rolston’s Home Building Centre, Barry Brear, Sandy Ebbs and Norm, Muskoka Rent-all, Darryl Dorling, Shawn and Cory, Olympia Sports Camp, Dave and Miles, House Landscape Design, Tiny and Chris House, Greens Haulage, Tim, Linda and Wayne

Once again this year we had many volunteers in the school doing various tasks – too many to list by name – please note that your contributions were much appreciated and valuable.

Thank you all again!

Riverside Public School staff and students